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Fiscat iPalm+ (A245) Portable Online Cash Register for TAXI Entrepreneurs in Installments

Fiscat iPalm

Fiscat iPalm+ (A245) Portable Online Cash Register for TAXI Entrepreneurs in Installments

FisCat iPalm+ online pénztárgép/cash register. Good quality, compact, easy to use, with various customizable features. Let’s purchase an online cash register now, and we give you 10 pieces of paper rolls and also teach you how to use it! The online cash register is entitled to 1 year of the manufacturer’s warranty; our service station gladly helps in the case repair is needed, and we provide you annual inspection aswell! We provide the installation, setting and we prepare the internet-communicational contract as well.
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87 000 Ft. first installment


17 780 Ft second installment


17 780 Ft third installment


17 780 Ft fourth installment

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FisCat iPalm+ online cash register

Mechanical Parameters:
Product Name: FisCat iPalm Online Cash Register
License Number: A245
Field of use: Small and medium sized companies
Dimensions: 206 * 103 * 74 mm
Weight: ~1 kg
Printer: Thermoprinter with drop-in paperinsertion mechanism and low-on-paper detector
Displays: LCD receiver with background lightning and és and operator displays.
Printing speed: 70 mm/s
Papersize: 57 mm Thermopaper
Keyboard: Ergonomically effective 30 key durable, plastic keyboard for optimized productivity. Clear pictogramms for faster text recognition. Different colours for different function-groups provides further help.
Battery: Built-in back-up battery
- 40 collectors (7 direct)
- 16 cashier (with password options)
- Computer software for PLU upload and handling
- VAT, collector, PLU, cashier, and cash register reports can be printed
- Printable monthly reports
- Printable Settings
- Connactable to cash drawers
- Balance
- Barcode Scanner
- Outer receiver display
The charger is not part of the configuration.

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